OBX beach cleanup trash


"Once you start picking up trash or doing anything else that helps to serve and protect our public lands and trails, you become so much more connected. There’s a sense of responsibility. It becomes nearly impossible to look away or to not see it. And when you start acting on it, time spent in nature will never be the same, in the most vital and fulfilling ways.

Passionate caring is contagious. It starts with one person doing the right thing and leading by example to inspire someone else. We all hold that power...the power to light a fire in others to go out and make a positive impact. We can choose to awaken that fire within others and watch as it grows and spreads to even more people. Imagine the difference that could make. Whatever you do, please don't hold it in. Because you matter. You are so important. And you already hold the power that this earth so desperately needs. Use it, share it, celebrate it."

-Read the full post from elle.of.the.wild @instagram

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